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BioRender gives scientists a secure collaborative space to capture feedback on figures for grants, presentations, protocols, and more. 

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Ideate and collaborate

When scientists work together, share ideas, and communicate effectively, the pace of research increases.

  • Send and manage invitations to your team to collaborate on slides in real time.
  • Use real-time commenting with comment notifications to build your ideas together.
  • Easily retrieve previous versions of files so you can collaborate worry-free.
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Everything organized in one place

Create and manage a central repository of scientific figures, posters, protocols, and slides for your lab. 

  • Create a centralized repository of your team’s files with shared folders.
  • Save time finding your team’s figures with powerful search capabilities.
  • Point and click to create new folders and drag and drop your files to stay organized.
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Securely send files

Manage access rights with single-sign-on (SSO) and centralized and secure access management.

  • Maintain ownership of your original files with “Send a copy” feature.
  • Apply granular file access management for members and groups.
  • Manage access and simplify login with your company or institution’s SSO.
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