Minimize errors at the bench

Clearly documented, step-by-step graphic protocols are invaluable to advancing scientific research. BioRender helps ensure everyone is using and updating the same graphic protocols to reduce errors.

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Visualize your protocols

Clearly documented graphic protocols with professionally designed figures ensure accuracy and streamline knowledge transfer on your team.

  • Choose from thousands of accurate icons of cells, proteins, nucleic acids, laboratory equipment, and chemicals to accelerate documenting scientific protocols.
  • Easily group and reuse icons across protocols, figures, slides, and templates for consistency and speed to onboard new lab members.
  • Gridlines and rulers help visually align elements which reduces clutter and ensures scientific protocols are easy-to-follow.
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Onboard effortlessly

Easy and open access to your graphic protocols will help transfer knowledge, facilitate more discussions, and simplify reuse.

  • Get new team members onboarded quickly and reduce mistakes with graphic protocols that can be printed and displayed right where you need them. 
  • Create a centralized library for sharing your team’s images and methods securely to ensure everyone is using a common visual language.
  • Gather feedback from others and update workflow visuals with real-time comments on specific steps.
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Maintain ‌version history

Keep track of your graphic protocol and workflow changes with version history and document which experiments each iteration has been used in.

  • Quickly view version history and maintain previous versions for method reproducibility. 
  • Easily save a visual protocol as a shared template.
  • Ensure every change to your protocol or workflow is properly tracked.

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