Visual Communication Is Your Differentiator

Visual science communication

maximizes the influence of research.

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Industry scientists agree that visuals are critical to effective science communication.

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Smarter investments

Your scientists spend time and resources conducting quality research. Communicate it well or lose out on a valuable return on investment.

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On-brand performance

Don’t put your company’s reputation at risk. Set and maintain a high bar for showcasing the impact of scientific innovation. Your bottom line will thank you.

Visual science communication

puts fast, high-impact outcomes on tap.

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Industry scientists have difficulty communicating key finding

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Better decision-making

Get up-to-speed quickly with visual project updates. Prioritizing where to focus your energy is easier when you can see everything in one place.

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Competitive edge

When you go to market, speed is the name of the game. Rely on communication that unlocks teams and departments to move quickly with confidence.

Visual science communication

boosts productivity in the right areas.

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Improved scientific communication leads to faster, higher quality decisions

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Strategic collaboration

Equip your experts with a canvas that allows for real-time editing, so they can visualize their science and incorporate feedback without endless reviews.

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Speedy learning cycles

With an intuitive user interface, your team can work at the speed of their own thoughts — which means getting results in record time.

Visual science communication

scales with a safe and secure platform.

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Industry scientists are extremely satisfied or satisfied with BioRender

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Protected intellectual property

Keep sensitive research and data private with secure file sharing and support for single-sign-on (SSO).

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Easy administration

Get your team up and running with the market’s leading science communication platform in minutes. Cloud accessibility and a PowerPoint add-in keeps your users in the flow.

With BioRender

Industry scientists get products to market faster, secure greater funding, and align priorities up front to solve their biggest challenges. No complicated review cycles. No expensive, third-party design services. No jumping between tools. Just meaningful, scientific results — now.

Trusted Science Communication across Industries

Scientists use BioRender to communicate their research at every company size and segment.

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Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics

Bring clarity to drug development with consistent visuals to communicate research progress.

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Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

Common scientific understanding bridges the gap between discovery and coherent, actionable results.

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Healthcare & Medical Devices

Enhance patient outcomes with standardized medical illustrations for clear communication.

“I absolutely love BioRender — it’s seriously amazing, and makes complicated figures and doing schemes for presentations very clear. I present to scientists of all different backgrounds, and to business and clinical teams, so this is critical!”

Akiko Iwasaki
Akiko Iwasaki
Professor of Immunobiology and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Yale School of Medicine

Engineered for the Way Industry Scientists Work

BioRender is purpose-built to support scientist and company workflows, from designing experiments and protocols to analyzing and presenting results.

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Progress Reports & Meetings

Stop wasting time with incomprehensible updates and never-ending progress reports. BioRender gets your team to the point, without sacrificing quality.

  • Design figures faster with a ready-made library of peer-reviewed content.
  • Invite peers and leaders to view and leave feedback on your visualized research.
  • Save time getting up-to-speed on your team’s research with powerful search.

Learn more about how industry scientists use BioRender for brainstorming and presentations.

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Progress Reports
& Meetings

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Drug & Product Development

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel just to get your products to market. BioRender supercharges the workflows that are already working well for you.

  • Minimize errors at the bench with c​learly documented, step-by-step graphic protocols.
  • Get new team members onboarded quickly to iterate on experiments and get results faster.
  • Keep intellectual property safe and secure, with protected account access and sharing.

Learn more about how industry scientists use BioRender for protocols and brainstorming.

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Drug & Product Development

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Presentations & Conferences

When you make communication easy, your team can stay focused on doing better science. Let BioRender amplify their genius.

  • Turn scientific illustrations and analyses into slides or posters, in minutes.
  • Build trust and credibility with professionally designed graphics and figures.
  • Effortlessly switch between editing and presenting, in BioRender or integrated with PowerPoint.

Learn more about how industry scientists use BioRender for presentations.

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Presentations & Conferences

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Investor Updates & Grants

Turn the anxiety around external presentations and grant applications into an opportunity to show off your smart investments.

  • Create mockups of how your science will appear in updates and proposals.
  • Depend on high-resolution, easily comprehensible visuals for maximum audience retention.
  • Export images or integrate with PowerPoint for optimal presentations and submissions.

Learn more about how industry scientists use BioRender for grant applications and presentations.

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Investor Updates & Grants

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When your team is ready to publish its research — whether monthly, quarterly, or annually — trust that you’re representing your brand right.

  • Choose from a library of publication-ready scientific figures and templates.
  • Receive and track feedback with real-time commenting and version history.
  • Meet publication guidelines without licensing or publishing concerns.

Learn more about how industry scientists use BioRender for publications.

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Enterprise Security

As a SOC2, type 1-compliant company, BioRender guarantees high and consistent security standards for customer data. Our team builds with risk management, governance, and data handling processes in mind so your intellectual property is protected and your users can focus on their science.

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We regularly monitor for malicious or unexplained activity, document system configuration changes, and check user access levels.

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We have the infrastructure to recognize threats and alert the appropriate parties so they may take necessary action to protect data and systems from unauthorized access or use.

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The relevant information on all security incidents is readily available to evaluate the scope, remediate as necessary, and restore data and process integrity.

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To protect our systems, networks, and your enterprise data, BioRender implements access, network security, data protection, incident response, and enterprise controls. By adhering to NIST CSF, we mitigate risks and ensure a secure environment for our business and customers.

Learn more about our security protocolsSOC 2 and NIST CSF logos

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