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Transform your published research with stunning professional figures created with BioRender.

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Create figures like a pro

Ensure your research article stands out with beautiful illustrations created in BioRender. 

  • Our icons and templates are professionally designed so your publication figures are of the highest quality.
  • Check your figure in multiple sizes and grayscale to make certain your illustration is perfect for publication. 
  • From 600 dpi hi-resolution figure to viewing a journal thumbnail, export your figure in multiple formats when you’re ready to publish.
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Get feedback instantly

Capture feedback on your journal figures before you submit to ensure they communicate your research effectively.

  • Share your figures and files with others during the creation process for peer review.
  • Gain feedback from others directly on your illustrations using real-time commenting.
  • Quickly view version history and maintain previous versions while capturing feedback.
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Meet publication guidelines

Remove any concerns about licensing and publishing rights with BioRender. 

  • Eliminate concerns about publishing rights by downloading your very own license for your figures.
  • Generate your citations with just a click during export to ensure they are accepted and cited properly.
  • Our library of 50,000 scientifically accurate icons have been successfully used in thousands of publications.
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