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Presentations with compelling visuals are easier to understand. BioRender helps you create slides to present your research more effectively.

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Powerpoint integration

Your research deserves to look this effortless.

  • To begin, just paste your data. BioRender instantly generates relevant visualization types: column charts, boxplots, scatter plots, and more.
  • Toggle between options to review and select the best representation of your research.
  • BioRender keeps your data safe and secure, so you don't have to worry about handling intellectual property.
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Create slides with ease

Spend less time making slides and focus on what matters—your research.

  • No learning curve. Simply drag and drop from our library of science icons or import your own visuals.
  • Add text, multiple figures, icons, graphs, and charts — whatever you need to design the perfect presentation is just a click away.
  • Collaborate seamlessly by creating and searching a centralized repository of slides and figure templates in shared folders.
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Make effective science presentations, together

Get feedback on your scientific figures and slides with collaboration and notifications features.

  • Share ideas, iterate quickly on figures, leave feedback, and edit slides together to keep everyone in sync.
  • Use real-time commenting to build your ideas together without losing track of prior versions of slides.
  • Create a shared library of figures for slides to ensure everyone is using a common language.
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Present with confidence and authority

You’ve done the research. Now it’s time to wow your audience.

  • Build trust and credibility with professionally designed graphics and figures integrated into your slides.
  • Effortlessly switch between create and presentation modes just like Google slides and Powerpoint.
  • Save and export your slides as a PDF to view you and present slides offline.
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