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Create a better grant application

Enhance your grant submission and ensure success with a clear and easily comprehensible scientific figure.

  • Elevate your grant proposals and publications with thousands of scientifically-validated icons at your disposal.
  • Create mockups of what your figure looks like in a grant proposal and quickly view in grayscale to ensure it’s legible.
  • Export images in high-resolution and common formats such as PNG, JPG, and PDF to include in your grant proposal.
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Don’t start from scratch, design like a pro.

Create professional scientific illustrations quickly and easily, even without any design expertise.

  • Get started with a huge library of editable templates such as common biological pathways, anatomy, or genetics.
  • Create figures that effectively communicate your research in half the time.
  • Use our PDB tool to quickly generate and customize protein structures.
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BioRender has been invaluable in improving the quality and professionalism of figures for manuscripts and grant proposals.”

— Research Scientist, University of Maryland

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Easily collaborate with others before you submit the grant to ensure your figures are easy to understand and help support your grant application.

  • Invite others, collaborate and track version history directly on your figure.
  • Never email grant figures back and forth again. Simply invite your collaborators to provide feedback. 
  • Capture feedback directly using real-time commenting right on your figures.
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