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Fruits and vegetables (spoiled)

Fruits and vegetables (spoiled) - Editable icon of a pile of spoiled fruits and vegetables
biomass,food,produce,waste,food waste,agro-waste,agricultural waste,biowaste,decay,rotting,compost,food scraps,kitchen waste,organic waste,compostable material,spoiled produce,discarded,unusable,wasted,excess,perishable,biodegradable,remnants,discards,overripe,expiry date,uneaten,green waste,disposal,unconsumed,scraps,byproducts,throwaways,wilted greens,bad,plant,organism,ecology,botany,plant biology,biology,fruit,tomato,berry,solanum lycopersicum,angiosperm,food,lectin,rotting,rotting fruit,apple,rotting apple,cucumis,cucumis plant,cucumber,cucumber plant,botany,vegetable,produce,banana bunch,dessert banana,musa acuminata,musa balbisiana,root,tapwoot,biennial,daucus,apiaceae,apiales,asterids,eudicot,chili,chili pepper,pepper,hot pepper,spicy,scoville scale,half pepper,half chili,chili seed,flowering plant,lauraceae,Persea americana,single-seeded berry,choquette,gwen,hass,lula,maluma,pinkerton,reed,bacon,brogden,cleopatra,ettinger,fuerte,monroe,zutano,fat,monousaturated fat,diet,nutristion,leaf,lettuce,chicory,chicory witloo,belgian endive,endive,rot,swiss chard,beet root,beetroot,beta vulgaris,Flavescens,leafy,green,stalk,stem,nutrition,orange,citrus,sweet orange,sinensis,aurantium,bitter orange,Rutaceae,common orange,peel,crop,vitamin c,Cabbage,Brassica oleracea,Capitata,cultivar,brassica,brassicaceae,brassicales,Savoy,white,red,purple,cole crop,Vegetable,Lemon,citrus limon,limon,rutaceae,sapindales,lime,juice,lemonade,citric acid,citric,radial,glow,circular,gradient,energy,radar,fluorescent protein,blurry,ball,staining,stain,color,colorful,bright,neon,fluorophore,fluorescent,fluorescence,cold,heat,broccoli,brassica oleracea,italica,health,healthy,normal,cabbage,edible,flowering head,head,floret,florette,crown,leaves,veggie,flower,anterior,frontal,front view,anterior view,front,upright,standing,stand,research,plant research,scientific research,scientific study,laboratory research,pathology,medicine,genetics,botanical,pomme,banana,carrot,daucus carota,d. carota,habanero,unripe habanero,ripe habanero,habanero pepper,capsicum chinense,habanero chili,half habanero chili,half capsicum chinense,avocado pear,alligator pear,palta,abacate,butter fruit,avo,Swiss chard,Beta vulgaris,lemon,proj-icon-gaps-23q3,proj-icon-gaps-23q3-agriculture-plants,food waste

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