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Fungal cell

Fungal cell

Fungal cell - Editable icon of anatomy of a fungal cell showing its components

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fungal cell,cell shape,cytoplasm,cell membrane,cell wall,chitin,septum,bud scar,budding,parent cell,bud,yeast,mold,fungus,fungi,single-celled,organism,microorganism,eukaryote,Saccharomyces,Candida,Cryptococcus,hyphae,pseudohyphae,asexual reproduction,fungal reproduction,fermentation,heterotroph,infection,mycology,cell biology,model organism,golgi apparatus,golgi complex,golgi body,golgi,organelle,cell,eukaryotic cell,animal cell,rough endoplasmic reticulum,rer,rough er,granular endoplasmic reticulum,ribosomes,smooth endoplasmic reticulum,ser,smooth er,nuclear membrane,nuclear pores,pores,karyotheca,envelope,nuclear envelope,DNA,chromatin,nucleolus,reticulum,ER,RER,cell part,dna,protease,proteinase,amylase,enzyme,degradation,degrade,lipase,digestion,digest,cut,autophagy,lysosome,autophagosome,phagophore,autolysosome,autophagic,recycling,macroautophagy,microautophagy,enzymes,vacuole,droplet,water,drop,liquid,fat,mitochondria,mitochondrion,powerhouse,mitoDNA,mtDNA,mDNA,eukaryotic,metabolism,ATP,energy,inner membrane,christae,matrix,mitoplast,outer membrane,2D,two dimensional,popular icons,peroxisome,nucleus,sphere,molecule,bead,ball,antigen,particle,ligand,pacman,pac man,pie chart,endonucleus,cleavage,cleave,ion,circle,neurotransmitter,chemokine,dot,p53,perforin,granzyme,granule,ribosome,hormone,popular neuroscience icons,popular biotechnology icons,popular immunology icons,proj-icon-suggestions-23q1,proj-icon-suggestions-23q1-cell-types,fungal cell

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