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Nephron (juxtamedullary, with vessels)

Nephron (juxtamedullary, with vessels) - Editable icon of A straight tapering rod with multiple cut branches, and a convoluted tube coming off the top-right side, ending in a circular bulb surrounded by blood vessels.
cortical nephron,cortical,nephron,blood vessels,vessels,blood supply,functional unit,kidney,artery,vein,arteriole,venule,capillary,renal corpuscle,bowman's capsule,glomerulus,loop of henle,convoluted tubule,descending limb of loop of henle,ascending limb of loop of henle,proximal convoluted tubule,collection duct,PCT,DCT,cortex,medullary,vasa recta,peritubular capillaries,arcuate artery,arcuate vein,interlobular artery,interlobular vein,juxtamedullary nephron

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