What Kind of Science Communicator Are You?

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Avery the Astrocyte

“The Storyteller”

Like Avery the Astrocyte, you’re an excellent problem solver and are always looking for ways to improve your science communication.

Your communication superpowers:
Your super power is giving oral presentations for conferences and committee meetings as you know how to weave facts into narrative to help capture your audiences’ attention, make lasting impressions and foster understanding.

Your communication challenges:
In the quest for crafting a captivating narrative, you might be tempted to prioritize storytelling over accuracy. Be careful not to embellish or oversell certain aspects of the information, which might not always resonate with your audience.

You're described as:
Narrative, Captivating, Innovative, Expressive, Persuasive

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Erin the Enzyme
“The Traditionalist”
Avery the Astrocyte
“The Storyteller”
Alex the Antibody
“The Simplifier”
Noel the Neuron
“The Visualizer”
Sam the Stem Cell
“The Experimenter”

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