What Kind of Science Communicator Are You?

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Erin the Enzyme

“The Traditionalist”

Like Erin the Enzyme, your super power is breaking down complex scientific concepts into their component parts, making them accessible to a wide audience.

Your communication superpowers:
You excel at communicating science through traditional mediums like publications and grant proposals. You value rigorous data and precise details and your peers likely appreciate your thoroughness.

Your communication challenges:
You may resist adapting to newer communication methods and can be overly reliant on traditional mediums. Your commitment to precision and thoroughness might make you slower in delivering information, and might sometimes come across as pedantic.

You're described as:
Analytical, Rigorous, Methodical, Precise, Reliable

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Erin the Enzyme
“The Traditionalist”
Avery the Astrocyte
“The Storyteller”
Alex the Antibody
“The Simplifier”
Noel the Neuron
“The Visualizer”
Sam the Stem Cell
“The Experimenter”

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