What Kind of Science Communicator Are You?

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Noel the Neuron

“The Visualizer”

Like Noel the Neuron, you specialize at transmitting information.

Your communication superpowers: 
In your work, you are likely to utilize visual aids like diagrams and graphical abstracts to communicate complex scientific concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. You are a reliable and knowledgeable communicator with a passion for sharing science with others! 

Your communication challenges:
While you are adept at using visuals, you might struggle when required to convey information without visual aids. Over-reliance on images and diagrams might leave gaps in information for those who prefer or require textual or verbal explanations.

You're described as:
Creative, Illustrative, Engaging, Passionate, Informative

Customize Your Biomoji
Erin the Enzyme
“The Traditionalist”
Avery the Astrocyte
“The Storyteller”
Alex the Antibody
“The Simplifier”
Noel the Neuron
“The Visualizer”
Sam the Stem Cell
“The Experimenter”

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