What Kind of Science Communicator Are You?

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Sam the Stem Cell

“The Experimenter”

Like Sam the Stem Cell, you are versatile and adaptable and able to take on many different roles and tasks in your work.

Your communication superpower:
You thrive in any situation and excel at communicating through multiple mediums whether it's through presentations or written articles, you make science easy to understand for all audiences.

Your communication challenges:
While you are versatile, you might lack specialization in any one medium or style of communication. Your eagerness to adapt and experiment can sometimes lead to inconsistency in the quality or style of communication, making it harder for the audience to know what to expect.

You're described as:
Versatile, Innovative, Resilient, Multifaceted, Insightful

Customize Your Biomoji
Erin the Enzyme
“The Traditionalist”
Avery the Astrocyte
“The Storyteller”
Alex the Antibody
“The Simplifier”
Noel the Neuron
“The Visualizer”
Sam the Stem Cell
“The Experimenter”

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