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“I publish BioRender templates because it helps others improve their science communication skills, inspires creativity, and gives scientists a starting point to showcase their own work.”

MaKenna Cealie
MaKenna Cealie,
PhD Candidate
RNA Sequencing illustration

Recognition & Rewards

Like all worthwhile things, contributing to the SciComm Template Exchange program comes with perks!

  • Win a $100 gift card from our random drawing each month.*
  • Make your research easily discoverable by the BioRender community.
  • Generate views and likes on your templates from your peers.
  • Eligible to be featured on BioRender’s blog, social media, and email newsletter as a SciComm Champion.
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*Template must pass a minimum quality check for clarity and scientific accuracy to be included in the drawing. The more templates you submit, the better your chances of winning. Read the full contest rules here.

“Templates are a great way to improve accessibility of science and help scientists share their work with a wider audience. I also enjoy getting feedback on my figures during the review process so I can improve my own communication skills.”

MaKenna Cealie
MaKenna Cealie,
PhD Candidate

How it works

Unleash the power of your research and see what other scientists can build from it. All BioRender templates include author credit, so the visibility of your science can only grow.

  • Submit a BioRender template.
  • Our team of reviewers will check it for accuracy and clarity.
  • Once approved we'll feature it in our template gallery and on our website for other scientists to find and use.
  • You'll be eligible to receive rewards and recognition from your peers through the community.
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