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BioRender 101 for Biotech and Pharma

Want to simplify your internal communication and accelerate research outcomes? During our BioRender 101 for Biotech & Pharma Webinar, we'll show you how BioRender can save you hours per week and accelerate your research by helping you create beautiful science figures in minutes.

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In this presentation, we'll cover a few primary goals. First, we'll discuss the importance of scientific communications and the rising importance of visuals in scientific communications. Then we'll provide a quick introduction to BioRender, including tips and tricks for designing professional and effective scientific figures.

The Importance of Visuals in Scientific Communications

As someone with a background in science, I understand how difficult it can be to communicate complex ideas to others, especially those without a scientific background. Visuals can be a powerful tool in bridging this gap and helping people to understand complex ideas.

Examples of Poor Figure Design

We've all seen figures that are difficult to engage with because they are poorly designed. Using simple shapes and colors can make it hard for readers to understand what's going on in the figure. Complicated pathways can be difficult to follow, and bright colors can make it hard to identify important elements of the figure.

Using BioRender to Create Professional and Effective Figures

Biorender is a powerful tool that can help researchers to quickly and easily create professional-looking figures that are easy to understand. With a library of over 40,000 icons dedicated specifically to life sciences, BioRender allows users to drag and drop icons onto a canvas and customize them as needed.

Tips for Effective Figure Design

When designing figures, it's important to be cognizant of color. Certain colors can be associated with good or bad elements of a story, so it's important to choose colors carefully. BioRender allows users to customize the color of each icon, which can help to make figures more engaging and easier to understand.

Using BioRender Templates

BioRender also provides users with thousands of pre-built templates that can be used as a starting point for designing figures. These templates can be customized to meet your specific needs, and they can be a great source of design inspiration for those new to BioRender.

Creating Figures from Scratch

If you prefer to design figures from scratch, BioRender makes it easy to do so. The canvas is the central focus of the design interface, and users can upload reference images to use as a guide. BioRender's library of icons allows users to drag and drop elements onto the canvas and customize them as needed.

Submitting Icon and Template Suggestions

Finally, if Biorender doesn't have the specific icon or template you need, you can submit a suggestion through the help menu. We’re committed to providing users with the tools they need to create effective scientific figures, and welcome feedback. Thank you for joining me today. I hope this presentation has been helpful in showing you how BioRender can be used to create professional and effective scientific figures.

Due to continuous improvements in BioRender, the application may appear slightly different in some of our videos.
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