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BioRender Webinar Week: Protocol Figure Makeover

BioRender Webinar Week: Protocol Figure Makeover

Recording of BioRender Webinar Week: Live Protocal Makeover Webinar on January 19, 2023.

Join us for a real-time makeover as we redesign a protocol figure submitted by a BioRender scientist like yourselves and your colleagues! Watch as our team of scientists and designers implement the tips you might have learned in our better protocol figures webinar including:

-Reduce clutter by using gridlines to space out visual elements.

-Number the steps to eliminate messy arrows.

-Use zoom-ins/call-outs to highlight details.

Presented by Sydney Burniston (Customer Success Manager, BioRender) and Mina Nashed (Neuroscientist and Science Designer, BioRender).

About BioRender: 

BioRender is the easy-to-use science illustration tool that's quickly becoming a staple in academic institutions and labs around the world!

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