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In this tutorial, learn how to save time by selecting multiple objects that are repeated across the canvas.


Select all the same lines, shapes, icons, arrows or text boxes on your canvas in one click. To change the font size or style on all the text on your canvas, click ‘Edit’ and then ‘Select All Text’ before selecting your new font style (0:20). To modify all the lines and arrows at the same time, click ‘Edit’ and then ‘Select All Lines and Arrows’ (1:20). Right click on any icon and click the ‘Select Same Icon’ button to modify all the same icons on the canvas. 

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Shiz Aoki, CEO and co-founder of BioRender, shares her 10+ years of expertise as a distinguished science illustrator to help you bring your science to life - visually.

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In this video, we're gonna show you how to select multiple objects that are repeated across your canvas.

This saves you time in having to shift or manually select multiple objects on your canvas if they're repeated. So things like lines, text, and even shapes. So let's start with the text. I'm gonna navigate up here to edit. Option and roll down to the select all text function here. Click that and you're gonna see that it now selected all of the text, everything that registers as text on my Canvas. It even picked up those little a sign, which I don't want it to pick up. So I'm gonna deselect it by clicking shift, and then clicking down on my mouse, which will deselect just that, but keep everything else selected.

Now what I can do is change the font of all of these items on my canvas like so. I can roll over to try different ones. And I can also change the font size if needed as well. Okay. I'm gonna undo that. Great. Same thing goes with lines and objects. If I wanted to perhaps change the thickness of all of these arrows that are showing up in this protocol diagram. I'm going to go to edit, select all lines and arrows. And what that did is it picked up everything on my canvas that's registered as a line or an arrow.

Now, of course, it picked up other things that I probably don't want to edit at this moment, so I'm gonna shift, select, this line in the middle. And let's see if it picked up anything else. I think that's it. So now what I can do is change, you know, the color of that arrow if I like. If you can see I can mass change the color. I can also change the line thickness with a 2 right now. I can make it larger and smaller. And then, of course, I can change, you know, the arrowhead type if needed.

Great. And then finally, when you have multiple of the same object on your canvas, as long as it's not sort of tucked away inside a group, you are actually able to mass select them as well. So I'm going to double click and enter this group. It looks like a lot of these molecules are actually the same object. So if I were to ungroup those, what I'm actually gonna do is select one of these icons. Right click and navigate down to select all the same icons. And this is a bit tucked away, but a very powerful tool if I now select that.

Now, of course, it's gonna select everything within this little environment, this kind of grouped icon environment. It won't pick up other icons around the canvas that might be similar because I'm isolated in the icon mode. So now they've all been selected and I can actually know how to mass change those icons to whatever color I like if that's needed for this diagram. So again, a really fast way to mass select objects instead of manually, you know, hand selecting those items. 1 by 1. Great. And that's how you select all text, all lines, or all the same icon.

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