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You can share your illustrations with a friend or colleague in BioRender. In this video, learn how to share illustrations and manage collaborator permissions. Click "Share" to get started.

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In this video, we're going to show you how to share a file and how to manage collaborator permissions. To share a file from your BioRender gallery, open the file options menu indicated by the ellipses, then click share. You can also share a file from the editor. Simply click the share button at the top right corner of your editor.

Now, you can type in the email address of the individual you want to show your BioRender file with. You can assign the permission to edit or view only as you invite a collaborator. Once you're done, click send invites. Now, I can collaborate with my colleague. We can both add new icons, text boxes, shapes or lines.

After sharing a BioRender file, you can change or remove a collaborator's permissions at any time. If the collaborator does not have a BioRender account, you can still share a file with them. They will be prompted to create a BioRender account to access the file. Along the left panel, you will see collaborators. This is where you can manage collaborators and their permissions. You can do this by opening the menu that's located to the right of their email. From here, change permissions to edit or view only. There's also the option to remove a collaborator from a shared file which means they will no longer have access to it. And that is how you share a BioRender file and manage permissions of collaborators.

Due to continuous improvements in BioRender, the application may appear slightly different in some of our videos.
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